Mulan games are free online games with courageous china girl Fa Mulan, the personage of Disney`s eponymous animation.

Mulan lives in a small village together with her family: mom, dad and grandma. But when the enemy came into her land she decided to save her father`s life by taking his place in the army of China`s emperor.mulan

Princess Mulan games have a variety of subjects. For instance, in some kind of games girls need to help Mulan to prepare a delicious dessert, using a set of products (ingredients) and follow to a recipe. In the other games, girls can play a doctor and cure Mulan (by using a thermometer, cough syrup, patch, etc. for that). Girls just need to follow prompts and arrows.

Mulan is not just a brave warrior, but beautiful girl, so there are many games in which girls allow dressing up her, making great makeup, hairdo, etc.

There are a great number of action games with Mulan in which is necessary to carry out some mission and score as much points as you can. And also, there are many thinking games with Mulan: puzzles, 3-in-a-row games, etc.