Tinkerbelle games – are games with personages of the Disney`s sequel “Tinker Bell”.

The plot of the cartoon is a story about a little fairy, named Tinkerbelle. She was born from the baby`s first laugh. The story tells about her searching for her destination and place in the world.Tinkerbell

Together with her new friends, she gets a lot of adventures and funny stories and finally understands that the better choice is to be her own self.

Central personages of this story are Tinker Bell (the talent artisan fairy) and her new friends: elegant Silvermist (the fairy of water), charming Rosetta (flower`s fairy), kind Fawn (the fairy of animals of any kind), shining Iridessa (the fairy of the light), superfast Vidia (the fast-flying fairy), lovely Periwinkle (the fairy of the frost and Tinker Bell`s sister), etc.

The most popular Tinker Belle games are: dress up games, hairdo games, makeover games, doctor games, cooking games, puzzles, and coloring games, match it games, tic tac toe, etc. In some of the games, girls can play with one character, in another – with several.